Rebecca Harris


The life and work of Rebecca Harris


Born and raised in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, I grew up with an appreciation of the natural world around me. I believe that most things have inherent value in their natural state. I strive to bring out this value and beauty with the things I create.

While producing products, I let the materials, environment and given criteria lead me to often simplistic concepts, focusing on details and lines to draw the user in.

In photography, I want my pictures to feel natural, rather than staged. My favorite photographs are often ones that seem to catch the subject at a specific moment in time; offering a unique snapshot into their life and story.

While working with a client in graphic design and marketing, I like to build upon the existing branding and materials, stretching the identity of a company to be broad, yet specific, and creating common threads between projects. This method is approachable and friendly to customers both new and old.