1991 - Born and raised in Houston, TX.

2009 - 2013: Studied political science at UCONN, found out I like to read things like Francis Fukuyama's The Origins of Political Order. Became obsessed with The West Wing.

2012 - After interning on The Hill, realized I wanted to work on solutions for creating a better informed electorate. Started a Tumblr blog called Purple Politics writing in-depth explainers on things like the U.S. prison system and healthcare reform.

2013 - 2015: Next stop, Masters in Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

2015: Started Purple with David Heimann. After Twilio experiment and doing a bunch of things that didn't scale (shoutout to PG), built out SMS platform to cover the 2016 election via text message. Covered live events like presidential debates and Town Halls, created a new storytelling format using SMS and keywords.

2016: Covered the craziest presidential election in modern history entirely via text message. Went through Techstars NY '16 summer program, hired two employees, got to work with cool partners like Univision. Expanded platform to Facebook Messenger. Inspired folks like the NYT to experiment with SMS, spoke at a few conferences, and chatted with Kara Swisher about what we were building.

2017: Pivoted Purple and built out SMS platform for other creators & publishers to use. Was able to work with amazing creators like @jmj and Mark Medina, and publishers like The Skimm.

2019: Purple was acquired by The Skimm, started a new chapter with The Infatuation's product team to work on Text Rex and launch/managed the company's first ever membership program.

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